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Phillip ‘Sunny’ Drury

CEO and Founder, IIT

Phillip 'Sunny' Drury pictured at the MCG National Sports Museum

Phillip, or Sunny to his friends, along with a committed group of like-minded passionate cricket people, saw the opportunity to start blind cricket in Tasmania.

That vision was firstly started with the formation of Inclusive Innovations Tasmania (IIT) in 2019, to be the governing body of Blind Cricket Tasmania to ensure it had sufficient support, structures and expertise to establish BCT and enable its ongoing success.

The Board of IIT then planned and activated the first blind cricket Come & Try Day in early 2020.

Sunny is a past President of Premier League Cricket Club New Town, past Vice-Chair of Taverners Tasmania and joined the Taverners Australia Executive in recent years to help transition the organisation into a new era of success in supporting disability cricket across the country.

He is also the founder and Managing Director of Inclusive Creatives, a unique ‘all-inclusive’, social-purpose commercial creative and marketing Agency in Tasmania.

Passionate about making a difference through innovation, creativity and positive thinking, Sunny is driven to work in support of those who are of that nature too.

He’s on a mission to make inclusion mainstream, through building strategic partnerships and relationships so to inspire others to chase their dreams and create positive change in all realms of life, business, community, and of course, in the sporting arena too.